TinShore Atlantic Botany


At Tin Shore we hand make artisan soap for skin that embraces the elements of the Atlantic ocean.

Atlantic Botany is made from our unique blend of natural plant ingredients and enriched with bright orange Sea Buckthorn Oil (a nutrient rich plant that is native to the North East Atlantic coast). We also use rosemary, bergamot and cedarwood essential oils to create its distinctive scent.


Sea Buckthorn is widely used for both medicinal and skin care purposes. Being rich in omega fatty acids, Sea Buckthorn is believed to have regenerative properties which help wounds heal more quickly and help reduce inflammation following UV exposure, protecting skin against sun damage (source: healthline.com/nutrition/sea-buckthorn-oil).

At the core our of activity is a commitment to care for both your body and the environment. So you won’t find any palm oil in our ingredients or plastic in our packaging.

All our soaps are made by a small team or artisan crafters who have have spent their lives immersed in the extreme weather of the North East Atlantic, from our base in Cornwall in the South West UK.


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